This book’s precursor, A Mencken Chrestomathy (collection), was a bestseller in ; this anthology of short excerpts from a range of works, selected and. Henry Louis Mencken (September 12, – January 29, ) was an American journalist, .. In the same article which he later re-printed in the Mencken Chrestomathy, Mencken primarily contrasts what real scientists do, which is to simply. The culling of the best, the choicest passages, from the famous Prejudices, which in their day made Mencken leader of the iconoclasts, shocker.

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Mencken is a curious figure. However, I would not claim that the book is for the fainthearted or easily offended, not that Mencken would care one way or the other. Elsewhere, he spoke mehcken the nonsense of higher mathematics and “probability” theory, after he read Angoff’s article for Charles S.

A Mencken Chrestomathy

It is almost a literal fact that there is not a trace of cheapness in the whole body of his music. Even the vaunted Shakespeare was not “original” in the Romantic sense. My favorite parts were the bits about men and women, the piece about the ancient Greeks being overrated, pedagogy, quackery, and music. Both men take issue with learning in general rather than with the specific issue of condescending pedants like themselves.

Chestomathy completed his secondary education at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, from which he graduated at the age of Because nonconformist originality is so high valued Mencken chrextomathy Wilde’s ideal critic, like many modern hispters, must live with perpetual status anxiety. Unexpectedly, he came to her defense, identifying various local religious and civic groups which were using the case as an opportunity to pursue their respective ideological agendas against the embattled Pentecostal minister.


He had personally felt the sting of anti-German bigotry during World War One and he used this grievance as a justification for his silence about Nazism.

A Mencken Chrestomathy by H.L. Mencken | : Books

Mencken’s at his best when he’s insulting, when he’s musing, when he’s irritating. What actually urges him on is not some brummagem idea of Service, but a boundless, almost pathological thirst to penetrate the unknown, to uncover the secret, to find out what has not been found out before. Mencken defended the evolutionary views of Charles Darwin but spoke unfavorably of many prominent physicists and had little regard for pure mathematics.

See this ghoulish passage from his “Eugenic Note: Mencken was not a unique bigot, but he was unique in his ability to express his views with clarity and force. Henry Louis Mencken September 12, — January 29, was an American journalist, essayist, satirist, cultural critic and scholar of American English. A Weekly Standard article, which questioned the designation of the Club as racist, fhrestomathy that Gottfried dedicated his group to Mencken “in the context of a feud among conservatives; his chrrstomathy was to form a right that was an alternative to neoconservatives and libertarians.

What a dreadful experience that is! A noted curmudgeon, [31] democratic in subjects attacked, Mencken savaged politics, [32] hypocrisy, and social convention. Mencken then chose to collect some of his journalistic pieces in a book, which is called a chrestomathy similar to an anthology of poems or short stories less.


If you are a serious cynic this H. He is, in brief, a low-caste man, to the manner born, and he will remain inert and inefficient until fifty generations of him have lived in civilization. Mebcken giving the book two perhaps two and a half stars because, literarily speaking, it was lovely.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Mencken New York, Menckeb In fairness to Mencken, his ghoulish views were to some extent simply representative of his era.

H. L. Mencken

chrestomathhy That’s most of the archaic vocabulary. He may well be called a curmudgeon and he’s carried in The Portable Curmudgeon series with a huge vocabulary, and an elitist as well. I see Wilde and Mencken as Dandies.

When you have an excessive need to present yourself as an original individual you prevent yourself from being able to learn. For example, he had this to say about a Maryland incident:. Mencken’s home, archived from the original on October 27, For Mencken these things cannot change.

chrestomatht As an admirer of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzschehe was an outspoken opponent of religion, populism and representative democracythe latter of which he viewed as systems in which inferior men dominated their superiors.