A systemless book, written as an actual manual of demonology from the world of Tékumel. Contains There are 2 editions of The Book of Ebon Bindings. The Book of Ebon Bindings is a supplement for roleplaying in M. A. R. Barker’s world of Tékumel. The 82 page book begins with an introduction to the religion of . Double-check your diagrammes and sharpen your sacrificial daggers, because in this episode our hosts discuss The Book of Ebon Bindings.

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Refresh and try again. The only books I know that come close to this level of detail are the Realms of Chaos books by Games Workshop put out in the early 90s. I’ve also got the black version of this book. Return to Book Page. Newer Post Older Post Home. Joseph rated it really liked it Dec 02, So why The Book of Ebon Bindings? The second is The Book of Ebon Bindings proper, also written first-person. Human Space EmpiresInfluencesinspiration.

You can email us at citizen tekumelpodcast.

Phil thought of Lovecraft as a bit of a one-note bore. Tim Goebel rated it really liked it Apr 12, Clint Warlick rated it it was amazing May 26, Most of the gamers back then had the attitude that the world was a dangerous place, and to pretend that gaming was unusually problematic was silly. Dave Morris rated it it was amazing Dec 31, Several subsequent publishers have released products for Arduinmost notably Grimoire Games. Jeremy rated it really liked it Feb 10, I love getting the backstory on this book!


It includes two major sections.

The Book of Ebon Bindings – Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman Barker – Google Books

John Gronau marked it booi to-read Jul 05, Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Lesser Key of Solomon is a seventeenth century grimoire covering demons. Kisa Griffin marked it as to-read Sep 14, David Valenze rated it liked it Nov 06, Only a member of this blog may post a comment.

Early on, Arduin incorporated material from genres beyond traditional medieval fantasy. Holy cats, there was something dangerous amongst the halflings and brass dragons after all! Scott notes that the sigils and introductions of the various demons in the Key are similar to those found in The Book of Ebon Bindings. In regards to Arduin, both Hargrave and professor Barker shared some commonalities. Brian rated it really liked it Jan 03, This is not all that different from things that would show up in The Arduin Grimoire.

Open Preview See a Problem? It contains a catalog of various demonic entities. B Anderson rated it it was amazing May 03, Trey its definitely not for everyone.

The Foundation wants to re-release it in the future. You can also find us at our websiteon Twitteror on Facebook.


The Book of Ebon Bindings

I think bokk did a great job. Hargrave, and originally self-published in To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Terence Park marked it as to-read Aug 26, No trivia or quizzes yet.

You can read a translation, and view the accompanying illustrations free-of-charge here. It was deeply troubling in the moment, but such an outlier from the general run of gaming products that it never affected my interest.

The red version of the Book of Ebon Bindings. Dark Luna Rose marked it as to-read Nov 12, Jack Vance also stands out as an influence. Also consider the deliberate excisions referenced in the preface, p. The or was it ? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Christopher Hall marked it as to-read Feb 21, The only other game book that has this level off oddness is Carcosa.

Check the Goetia from the European Renaissance for the root documents! There’s like a space of thirty years in-between The frisson of the forbidden was part of the appeal, as well as the insight that the panic was based on mistaken assumptions.