Boxing has 34 ratings and 1 review. Steve said: Originally published in , this is the best book of it’s kind I’ve been able find from the era. EDWIN L. HAISLET is Executive Director, Department of Alumni Relations, University of Minnesota. He was formerly Boxing Coach and Assistant Professor of. Results 1 – 7 of 7 Boxing by Haislet, E. and a great selection of related books, art and Boxing. Haislet, Edwin L. Published by New York: The Ronald Press.

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Both elbows are carried down and in front of the short ribs.

The important things to remember are not to cross the feet while circling, to move de- liberately rather than wildly, and with very little motion. As the right shoulder approximates a position over the left foot, the right arm is driven into forceful extension. This single location in Victoria: As the opponent leads a straight right brush to the right with the left haislef, striking opponents oncoming blow on the wrist. Do not forget that while the abdominal region is being protected, the chin is exposed.

The left side of the body should form a straight line throughout the maneuver. The first step with the left foot may be as short or as long as necessary, the longer the step, eddin greater the pivot. Continue, one time feinting, the next time actually jabbing with the left hand. This bpxing location in Tasmania: Continue The left jab and straight right combined with circling left 1.

Boxing by Edwin L. Haislet (1940, Hardback)

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Many combinations of feints should be practiced until they are natural movements. Shift the weight over the hhaislet leg. If power is desired in a right-hand blow, the weight must be shifted to a straight left leg in order that the right side of the body may swing forward. It is the greatest art in boxing, the art of the champion.


Boxing by Edwin L. Haislet (, Hardback) | eBay

That a strong offense is supposedly the best defense is in general true, especially if defensive skill is the foundation boxingg attack. Never use the same technique twice in succession. The Edwiin Parry Blocks for Right-Handed Blows The stop—is a form of defense in which a blow in stopped before it is started In this particular case it is used in a defense against a right hook.

The left jab and the straight right combined with circling right 1. The more the opponent steps in with his jab, the more severely he will he punished.

Turn the palm of the left hand outward. The technique of the straight right is just this: It is a circular movement of the upper trunk and head, haisler or left as desired. Conditioning is a process whereby a specific stimulus will cause a specific reaction, A repeated stimulus eventually creates an action pattern in the nervous system. Force must be used if guard is to be effective.

Chin should be well tucked. Use only when necessary. It is well to remember that a master of footwork can move in all directions, usually in a different direction each time. As in the left jab to the body, the body follows the blow, although added force can be obtained by a body pivot to a position over the left foot.

The cross parry on a straight left lead 1. This is an advanced art and depends on speed, timing, and judg- ment.

Jab though a point, not at a point. Carry the hands high. The natural tendency for an untrained person when lighting is to swing.


The outside slip on a straight right lead—is almost the same as the inside slip on a straight left lead.

Boxing / by Edwin L. Haislet. – Version details – Trove

The left jab will slip harmlessly over the left shoulder. In pushing, the body is often off-balance as the force of the blow does haisllet come from a pivot of the body but from a push off the right toe. The entire movement is shuffle-like. This is a very effec- technique against a left jab and may also be used as the basis of one-two combination blow.

In real hitting the feet are always directly under the body. The forward and backward shuffle using the straight right 1. A well delivered blow, even if blocked, will disturb balance, prevent countering, and create openings for other blows. As the opponent raises his elbow, drive the open left hand to his biceps. The National Library may be able to supply you with a photocopy or electronic copy of all or part of this item, for a fee, depending on copyright restrictions.

It calls for the greatest skill, the most perfect planning, and the most delicate execu- tion of all boxing techniques. Hold the right foot stationary with left toe turned inward. As the body is turned to the right, and the left arm driven into extension, the wrist is turned inward, so that at the moment of impact the thumb side of the hand is in, knuckles up.