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When the Pratyahara’ withdrawal of the Universe is imminent, Bhiitas elements, both telkgu and subtle are anni- hilated, evolutes of Prakrti beginning with Mahat ahd ending with Visesas are destroyed.

Dandekar and the UNESCO authorities for their kind encouragement and valuable help which render this work more useful than it would otherwise have been. The creative activity ofCaksusa Manu, the descrip- tion of the prowess of the subjects; the act of milking the earth by the lord King Prthuthe son ofVena. VI Sunga Dynasty Op. Other great dynasties like the Solar race and the Lunar race are not adequately treated. Introduction xli I Manu — Svayambhuva: The grandsons ofDaksa ; the splendid progeny of his beloved daughter; the children procreated by Brahma and others and the children begot by the intelligent Daksa; the Savarna Manus who had resorted to Meru are also recounted here.

But in the next chapter sage Dadhici is said to have condemned Daksa for not inviting Siva and cursed that it would not be completed ibid There too, Visnu whose abode is waters Narayana is described as sleeping on the vast expanse of Cosmic Waters and he wished to lift up the submerged earth and assumed the form ofYajna-Varaha. As most ofthe contents ofBd. Gafiga also was too much tormented to bear teulgu and discharged it.

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Tarlekar for his help in the matter. Ganesa prohibited Parasurama from immediate entrance. Sapta-vamsajdh instead of Gupta-vamsajdh in puurana corresponding verses in Va. Another miracle attributed to Siva is the drinking of Halahala poison which emerged while churning the milky ocean.

Tentatively, I accept this chronological frame work. In spite ofthe interpolatory portion, the Bd.

That the number of incarnations is ten is the firm belief of the author who enumerates them as 2nd, 5th etc. The second episode Bd. The whole chapter ibid 33 is Tantric. Ritualistic sacrifice came in vogue in Treta. But now the mention of Guptas in Bd. He imparts the knowledge ofsecret missiles to Parasurama for killing demons, but advises him to go on pilgrimage and perform penance to attain ability to handle these weapons Chs. Siva selected VaranasI, the capital of Divodasa.

He came to puraana known as Gautama as his Tamas blindness was removed by a Cow. Being enraged, Uma, as a punishment for his disturbance at such ajuncture, forced Agni to carry the semen as foetus in his belly. Siva on a lower plane is born of god Brahma pursna Nlla-lohita and was given the following eight names: A sort ofoverlap- ing and mixing up of topics seems to have taken place as the Dynasty of Manu and the topic felugu Manvantaras is given in Chs.

The Title Brahmdnda This Pufana is called ‘Braiimanda’, as god Bralima narrat- ed it with special emphasis on the description of the Brahmanda the Cosmic Egg and deals with the future Brahmnda. Then only Varuna appears and concedes to vacate.

Begged ofBali, while he was performing a sacri- fice, three paces ofland. The introduction mainly agrees with SK. Jamadagni advises him to perform penance for twelve years in atonement for his blood-shed.


Part of a series on.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam

The waxing and the waning of the moon caused by Soma are mentioned. Parasu- rama though unmarried and unanointed as a king performs a Horse- Sacrifice Haya-medha H. Real Nature ofKala — Time: Politically it was not desirable to allow such an inimical centre either in or near the borders ofhis kingdom.

The Brahmanda Purana Sanskrit: We have to grope for the answer, as Parasurama probably belongs to the 3rd millenium B.

Full text of “Brahmanda Purana”

The greatness ofthe Pitrs of two types as well as that of the dead. Introduction xxxvii Later on, the period ofYuga came to be extended to years e. They are the three states ofthe Brahman ibidW.

A continuous drought for hundred years, the Sun with his seven rays burns up everything and evaporates the oceans. Alankaras in Music As the whole chapter on Alarikaras Ch. The extent of the number of Durgas fortresses and the commencement and the different professions puran livelihood in the Yugas ; the birth and characteristic features of the emperors in the Treta. Perhaps the wording of the Kurma Purdna K. It is not understood why Orissa, Telangana and North Sindh were regarded as unfit for performing Sraddha At the outset, the Purana among the sacred scriptures, was heard by Brahma.

In Treta Yuga, there was telguu one Vedic Samhita. He was endowed with great devotion. One has to dive into the ocean or delve into the rocks -to find them out.

A Manu presides over the world for this period ofseventy- one cycles of four yugas.