A novel both timely and prophetic, Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia is a hopeful antidote to the environmental concerns of today, set in an. Ecotopia,” the ’70s cult novel, has seeped into the American But to Mr. Callenbach and many of his fans, “Ecotopia” is a blueprint for the. Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach. Few philosophies have a greater mutual suspicion and natural antipathy to each other than libertarianism and.

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That said, other reviewers have rightly said that the book is sexist, racist, and naive. At first, I really enjoyed the book. I also have no recollection of a plotso I suspect it was mostly there in service to the guide tour of the author’s vision. We need power, not a carapace of balsa wood and a bag of feathers. As Callenbach poses these mechanisms as a moral problem respect for nature, etc.

One detail I do remember is that San Francisco’s Market Street was torn up and the supposedly ancient stream that used to lie along that path was brought back to life. The Pacific Northwest secedes and forms a new country, Ecotopia, callenbavh on a sustainable steady-state model rather than the perpetual-growth model that is capitalism.

Revisiting the s eco-cult classic that gripped a nation | Grist

I’m sorry, but it’s so full of nonsense well meaning and ideological nonsense, but nonsense nonetheless as to be unintentionally humorous at times. The philosophies are wildly ecentric, and idealistic, but often very inspiring and uplifting.

But again – it was the seventies, and that’s one of the few areas that shows its age so badly. At the time Ecotopia was written, such ideas were mainly associated with radicals in the Black Power and other ethnic movements. From the Trade Paperback edition. The writing is not that great but the story and the vision of a sustainable high quality communal egalitarian life is brilliant. Subscribe to Ray Mangum http: Having finally read it, I am impressed in the way that I was after having read Neal Stephenson ‘s Snow Crashthat callenbaxh, not about the validity of the ideas, but about how this book seems prescient in listing important topics for the s world.

And it takes us right away from what could possibly have been the most interesting part of the book.

Jul 23, Quinton rated it it was amazing. Wcotopia good people fear that total legalization will encourage having “addicts” among us, but addicts exist whether or not forbidding laws exist, and it is easier, far less expensive to society, and far more compassionate and scientifically rational to treat addiction in the very small percentage of our population where addition becomes a problem callnebach the medical issue it actually is rather than as a crime.


Also, I’m ecohopia that this book means a lot to many well meaning people. Ernest Callenbach wrote a blue print to a better world.

Apr 04, Wes rated it liked it. And about clean energy. As a writer, Abbey was in another league, but his sensibilities were also a world apart.

I was amused that what started the Ecotopian succession from the United States was yet another desperate financial meltdown.

Despite offering a variety of fascinating and frightening possibilities for social change, the reader is bound to find the narrative of Ecotopia a bit flat and tensionless. However, in contrast to much of the Green movement in contemporary America, with its preference for regulation, Callenbach’s Ecotopia has relatively laissez-faire economic tendencies, guided by intense moral pressure toward sustainable practices both in private life and in business.

But callenbacch our state-plagued era has seen the degradation of both individual liberties and the quality of the environment, we ought to question the degree to which these exist in an inverse relationship.

Apr 21, Sandyssandersatt. The “leading edges” his main ideas for Ecotopian values and practices were patterns in ecotopiz social experimentation taking place in the American West. He was a dreamer, a pied piper when calpenbach kids, and very self-reliant. I do not consider it impossible even in our society that one day it might be possible for people to grow marijuana in window boxes and smoke it or bake it into brownies or other things if they callnbach please as described in this novel.

It expressed on paper the dream of an alternative future held by many in the movements of the s and later.

Revisiting the 1970s eco-cult classic that gripped a nation

Retrieved from ” https: This is one of the most important books ever written — no joke. Don Milligan in the British magazine Peace News gave Ecotopia a eotopia review, stating ” Ecotopia is a shoddy amalgam of Swedish social democracy, Swiss neutrality, and Yugoslav workers’ co-ops cobbled together with the authoritarianism of A Blueprint for Survival Creating even a pale version of Ecotopia in our real world of separation is my personal dream; it is a difficult work but not to take this path is a certain ride on a downward spiral into a destroyed ecosystem ecotooia with bitterly embattled survivors trying to secure what’s left for themselves alone.


The book alternates between the narrator’s personal journal he keeps on the trip and the columns he files with the ecottopia back in the U.

It’s really not even worth my time to review thoroughly so I’ll give you just one example of how stupid and ill-conceived it is: I say the novel is ostensibly about rcotopia Northwest because, in fact, all the action takes place in California, and most of it in the Bay Area. Ecotopia is ostensibly about a secessionist Northwest — northern California, Oregon, and Washington — founded on ecological principles.

BOOK REVIEW | Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach

Ecotopia ecptopia written around the premise that a near-socialist society, in which capitalist endeavors are tolerated but everything else is communal, is sustainable and desirable. I’ve seen reviews on this site that excoriated this novel due to the “free” sex and the “free” marijuana featured as a part of Ecotopian culture, and I’d like to comment on these things as well but not to excoriate them.

Books by Ernest Callenbach. Look for a roadmap to Ecotopia and you’ll be disappointed. That probably wasn’t the word used at the time, but I never had met someone quite like David.

Sustainability, which the title tells you is the overarching topic, is looked at from various angles: The characterization in particular is not very well done.

This was written ca,lenbach arguably the beginning of the modern eco movement and shows it’s “colors” throughout.

But the rest of us ought to be a little more objective. In a way, it felt like I was reading a foundational manifesto for a very specific environmental philosophy that has existed in the periphery of my understanding for quite some time.

Neil Schulman “Since this kind review of my novel was published in a new edition ecitopia the book — Alongside Night — The Movie Edition Even better, I was impressed by how many of his ideas came to pass. Money as a general means of measurement presupposes mass-production only in this case are goods measurable and comparablea centralized bank system, mass distribution, etc.

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