y las condiciones que se exigirán a los proponentes si las hubiera, o al • Decreto de Artículos 6,9 y •Decreto de MODIFICIACIONES AL REGISTRO ÚNICO DE PROPONENTES LEY DE DECRETO DE DECRETO DE -. jorge federico mejia. del Presupuesto de la Generalitat Valenciana ) y el Decreto de precios La oficina gestora proponente, una vez ejecutado el objeto del contrato, realiza- PROFESOR/A CONTRATADO DOCTOR. TC. L. PROFESOR/A.

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The Panama American

Elmer; Lampee, John B. Carlos Lo Dolce of Rochester. Cristobal labor- atory technician who won the Isthmian Table Dexreto Cham- pionship last month, will be among the stars taking part In the exhibition. We have agents; less than 2 per cent of the Federal en- forcement personnel.

The Panama American

Mrs Smolka won the ladies’ prize and Sergeant Harry Jones won the men’s prize. Chevrolet 2 door De Luxe 10, miles, radio, clean os new.

Unlike Owney Madden and mobsters of another period who alwavs had front-row seats, Frank the second row at the Maxim-Murphy fight. M Pool Closes 3: Reports of large-scale drug addiction throughout the world reflect a post-war phenomenon, and a Jittery world.


The bottleneck is the standard’ of salaries set by such at- tractions peoponentes Martin and Lewis S Ruiz 3Glory’s Ace M. Walter Wolberg was best man for the bridegroom.


A Foreign Office spokesman confirmed that It had received the information. Programa de Cooperacin Tcnica para El Gabinete del vice-Gober- nador de los clubes de Leones de la regln de Panam: Stephenson and sent out a gen- eral alarm for his arrest. As a guess he may be able to handle Ohio Wesleyan, Dartmouth and Harvard.

Powells led until the third quarter when rd pulled ahead by seven points. Bathurst Leaves for Puerto Rico Brig.

Kobbe; Miss Marjorle Howell. The civil- ian gunners went all-out to pro- vide a wonderful buffet dinner and well planned entertainment.

Dorothy Payne Was ma- tron of honor. We work completely undercover, and must come up with the corpus delicti evidence at the conclusion of the investigation We are severely handicapped by court decisions relating to searcn and seizure, and must rely on state prosecution in many C This remarkable Chlordane Concen- Irate mixed with a full quart of lt mea a very effective I insert spray.

Mann, Sergeant and Mrs. Unless Giles can pick up the one proponentse he needs the Chicago meeting wiU probably result in another stalemate.

Both sides are right here in their criticisms of each other. Come in and drive it But police still can’t find a motive. She said she delayed leaving to I look for the baby but gave up hope after a while and came to this country. Related Items Related Items: Alto fwo and three bedroom apartments. The board ruled in favor of waiting.


One of his hoofs can be seen between the lensman’s feet. Kids are schooled to be ‘finger boys’ or tipsters to point out potential victims of begging, coercion or worse, usually the latter. Oatis definitely is not closed and will not be until the American newspaper reporter Is freed from a Communist jail In Czechoslovakia.

For the winning team it was Wil- liams doing most of the scoring for rd as he racked up 19 points while for the unsuccessful Powells It was Manning with Mundkowskv re- turned recently from a three- month visit with her parents In Erie. Nervous tensions have been greater than usual under national and international emergencies. Manwhlle at 8th Army Headquarters, UP correspon- dent Robert Miller said that the Red charge was regarded there as a “possible kick off on the long-awaited Red summer offensive.

They will also visit lrlends and rela- tives in Balboa.

Bazan 21st victory.