ENCOUNTERS WITH THE ARCHDRUID III-A RIVER. By John McPhee · April 3, P. The New Yorker, April 3, P. PROFILE of. Encounters with the Archdruid has ratings and reviews. Tony said: David Brower was an extreme conservationist. His ‘religion’ was wilderness. B. Encounters with the Archdruid describes three journeys McPhee made in the late s with David Brower, executive director of the Sierra Club at the time, and.

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McPhee might be the best nonfiction write alive. No one questions this, or asks the reason. It encounfers been vulgarized. There’s a passage from a science fiction story by Robert Charles Wilson that I love, and which came to mind more than once as I was reading this book.

Encounters with the Archdruid

And his justifications for wilderness conservation hinge on subjective notions of “natural beauty” that have little to no relevance to science. I want to get down into it. The American southwest is still wigh a remote backwater, with none of the explosive growth that it will see in the 80s and 90s.

Encounters with the Archdruid describes three journeys McPhee made in the tye s with David Brower, executive director of the Sierra Club at the time, and three of Brower’s antagonists: Oct wit, Betsy rated it really liked it Shelves: He could not have come to his job there at a worse time. Encounters with the Archdruid cover painting: McPhee’s catalog of these conflicts between the growing needs of society and the shrinking wilderness “pre-saged” what would become known encounhers “wise use”, or prescriptions for use that balance the existential value of the environment against societal needs.

McPhee’s book is as essential now to an understanding of the basic differences between conservationists and their opponents as it was when it first appeared in The green giant is chlorophyll, really.

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This was the inscrutable lord of the forest, the sacramentarian of ecologia americanathe Archdruid himself. A wild, inaccessible island lacking any houses or recreational opportunities is a tragic waste of property. Going to try at least one more book of his sometime soon bec Complicated feelings about this. What arfhdruid once cutting-edge environmental activism now seems almost adorably quaint.

His faith had told him that the young would do better with the earth. So this became, for me, three tales of Good versus Good. Politics, Rationality, and Identity in the American Southwest. It’s strange how timeless his books feel, since they’re hopelessly dated in terms of actual subject matter. The Struggle for Water: Apr 23, Jim Corson rated it it was ok.

Encounters with the Archdruid discussion.

Favorite Quotes: John McPhee – Encounters with the Archdruid – walkcheerfullyblog

McPhee tue a terrific writer. Jan 19, John Lingan added it Shelves: McPhee accordingly observes, listens and documents three narratives, which essentially capture the presiding differences between the philosophies of each man. The oven is off. Looked him up and found him to be a prominent and prolific writer and picked this one, probably his most popular work, to start with.

Feeling My Way Along: Encounters with the Archdruid #1

Published in witb describes three meetings in the wild that the then head of the Archdrudi Club, Dave Brower, the “archdruid” of the title, had with then prominent agents of development: When I come back in another life, I am going to spend my whole life in grasses. In this book, creative nonfiction master John McPhee narrates a number of Brower’s ‘encounters’ with various similarly visionary opponents to conservation, including materials engineer and renowned geologist-for-hire Charles Park, resort developer Charles Fraser designer of Hilton Head Island in South Carolinaand Bureau of Reclamation Chief Floyd Dominy, famous or infamous, depending on your view builder of dams.


Nov 22, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Be the first to ask a question about Encounters with the Archdruid. And the conservationist, still intractable, says he does not want the mine, does not want the resort, does not want the dam; but if they must come, he concludes, then I would want you men to build them.

This book serves as a good introduction into David Brower and his conservation tactics, his reason and stubborness, as he competes verbally with men of a different mind than his: Notify me of new comments via email. The ice had been made from water of the reservoir — reclaimed pellets of the Colorado. This page was last edited on 6 Julyat Brower’s natural enemies were the mineral engineer, the resort developer and the dam builder.

Favorite Quotes: John McPhee – Encounters with the Archdruid

Then he would kick the dams apart and watch the floods that returned Strawberry Creek to its free- flowing natural state. Archdruic we are going to have to choose.

Gosh I love John McPhee. It affected us all.

That is, the political reachings of “tree huggers” and rabid anti-developers. I didn’t find this book about David Brower, president of the Sierra Club for years, to be one of McPhee’s better books.

As it is, however, the narratives provide a wonderfully objective account of the complexities faced by all those involved in the re-shaping of our natural environment. A recommended read, especially for conservationists or those opposing them.

His ‘religion’ was wilderness. The section on Charles Fraser, the iconoclastic developer of Hilton Head, South Carolina, is genuinely interesting, even if it is as much a set-up as the Brower section.