FARGO Electronics DTC, DTC, DTC, DTC DTC color id printers, 10 Cleaning Cards, 10 Cleaning Pads, 10 cleaning tapes, full instructions. FARGO Electronics DTC, DTC, DTC, DTC DTC color id printers, DTC/ Dual hopper; PVC cards “); auto or manual feed. HID GLOBAL, HID, the HID logo, FARGO, and iCLASS, are .. installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause.

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Repeat Steps 1 to 7 until the image darkness is correct. Re-install the printing supplies. Ribbon panel is printed or passes beneath the Printhead. Suggested Retail Prices in U. Replace the printing supplies and close the Top Cover and Printhead Arm after the Rollers are clean and completely dry.

Page 84 Page 85 – Resolving the cut off or off-center Card Selecting The Lamination Type If the Film Lamination option is selected, the film lamination is applied to the printed card, then the card is ejected. Page 95 If the card is bowing downward, the reverse bending pressure may be too great.

Step Procedure Adjust the Image Position values by clicking on the Vertical and Horizontal adjustment arrows, as shown below.

Rotate the Printhead Assembly out from the retaining hooks on the sides of the Printhead Arm Assembly. See the Replacing the Maunal Home Sensor procedure on the next page.

Page – Defining the Area to activate the Card G Delete an area by using the Defined Area arrows to select the area, and click on the Delete button. Replace the Main Print Board if problem still remains. Step Procedure Select Optimized for Graphics when printing lower quality images e.


Replacing The Main Board d Note: See the next page. Resolving the incomplete Resin Printing problems continued See the previous procedure in this section. Selecting the Card Size continued See the previous procedure in this section. Ethernet Interface Adapter Windows only. Be sure to push down on the cartridge until it clicks into place. See the previous procedure in this section. This option shifts colors more radically so the colors in the image will more closely match how they appear on screen.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The minimum size an area is. Remove the two mounting screws at the middle and lower section along the left edge of the circuit board. Loading The Overlaminate The supply end of the overlaminate roll is the side containing the fresh, unused portion of the overlaminate.

Thermal Printhead configured for convenient field replacement. In this mode, the msnual is completely disabled; so it will not be applied. Firmware Errors Switch Box or peripheral. Extra Cleaning Cards, 50 count. Lift up on the top bracket of the Printhead Assembly. This widens the card path so it holds thinner cards with less force. Press Select to save the new value.

Print a test card as described in step 1.

Step Procedure Select the Rotate Back Degrees option to rotate the image on the back of the card by degrees when printed. Select Encoder Angle Change the setting on small increments. The voltage should be greater than 4 VDC. Printer Adjustments Cards from the Printer before making any repairs, unless otherwise specified. It is not possible to apply an overlay and a SmartShield image to the same side of a card. Choose from these five categories: Manually position the card so its edge is flush with the Card Guide Rail.


Page 86 – Resolving the poor Image Quality problem Select the Defined Area s option to activate the card grid in the upper half of the window. Press SAVE to save your settings.

Fargo DTC Thermal Printer Manual & User Guide – Fixya

Verify that the Hopper Travel Motor is properly meshed with the gear assembly. If the test card does not look like the sample shown below, go to step 5 to adjust the Ribbon Tension. Ensure that the guide belt for the Hopper Travel Assembly D is intact and moves smoothly. This label can be found beneath the Printhead mounting bracket located in the mid-section of the Printhead Assembly.

Resolving the incorrect Image Darkness problems continued See previous procedure in this section. Using the Encoding Mode option continued See the previous procedure in this section.

FARGO Electronics DTC500 Series Troubleshooting Manual

Step Procedure Select this option to ensure no print manuql will be sent to the Printer while all encoding instructions will be sent according to how they are configured within the software. As an alternative to replacing the Main Print Board, the chip U2 can be replaced. Do not reverse the overlaminate roll. An overlay or an overlaminate must protect Dye-Sublimation printing or it will quickly begin to wear or fade.

Open the program and type in: Note that the card grid lines are spaced at.