FERROLI WFL4+P7 PELLET ΤΑΞΙΑΡΩΝ. By – Ποιότητα & Οικονομία · Updated about 5 years ago · Taken in περιστερι · Already tagged. Gorilec na pelete Ferroli z visokim učinkom in omejenimi emisijami za kotle na trda goriva razreda 3 EN , zanesljiv, enostaven za uporabo in vzdrževanje.

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Because when u03 is set to 1, burner will start on any request, the first that he receives. It works and with pellet the setting was between 8 and 10 for a good flame result and with olive I was going up to 17, which feeroli LESS load.

Still smoke, but flame is nice and full………. We have also had frrroli wood stove fitted in the lounge, a La Nordica Gemma, and we are using briquettes hot blocks with that, and it is wonderful. They say that caloric value is the same Kv the only difference is the ash.

Stuck SUN P7 pellet burner – how to fix.

And it keeps doing that. They got stuck a couple of times a week!! Since I placed ups or voltage corrector i do not have this problem. So I do not recommend it. Because power level 3 uses less fereoli cores maybe the increase in fan speed will make a bigger difference.


The pellets filled feeroli grille and almost all the metal neck. Prova a rimettere le impostazioni di fabbrica per il ventilatore freroli la coclea. And maybe in that time cold water enters the boiler so the ferrooli just keeps working without stopping.

I am currently experimenting with t17 at Except from the pellet jamming, sometimes, i dont have any other problems. As for unburned pellet, I think that the problem is with smaller pellets, they are too light and fan just blows them away. First, and most annoying is that my P7 shuts down with A01 error but there is no jam at all. After ventilation period, the burner will load pellets for some time set with parameter t But I am in a trouble now. When the burner starts, first it will ventilate the boiler for some time.

BRULEUR a Pellet FERROLI Sun P7 | eBay

I reset all the parameters. The burner SUN P7 from Ferroli has a minimum of automation, which means that is has no extra sensors apart from was is strictly necessary to function and for safety. After you have modified a value, you must wait 3 seconds for it to be saved!

You could also improvise a cowl with a ceramic tile. It prevents the pipe from catching fire. To clean it, you also have to take the red cover off.

I clean the burner where we can see. You should clean the light sensor and the heating element: Also you need to clean your chimney periodically.


My home now is around 10 degree. I want our program to run on option UO3 — 1 — with all the options — but I am not sure which functions should show on the display: Please can anyone help me. I got good and tall chimney, over 11 m height. The fan pushes air inside but that air can go out on the chimney and also up through the auger pipe. What can ferrli done?

Comentariu Nume Email Sit web. I have to look for it more carefully this days. These define how fast it is transitioning from one power level to the next.

This is doing constantly all day. Since weeks I have a problem with the fan! This year i will try to use some olive core and skin pellets made here in my country by ferroli local factory which buys the raw material from the oliveoil factories!!

I have seen in manual that there are pins ferrroli 9 and 10 E and D on the burner, that give blocking signal and burner deblocade function switch.