management and formulation of norms related to surveillance / inspection of per list finalized by CPCB, which identified 85 types of industrial. Pollution Control Board may prescribe more stringent norms as . June organised by CPCB and Ministry of Environment & Forests an. Now commonly known as GPCB – Gujarat Pollution Control Board, was constituted .. Norms for Flue Gases Emitted from Kiln Stack using Gas generator from.

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These initiatives could be attributed to the proactive role of the state Government in the Forests and Env.

Work for districts of Valsad, Navsari, Surat, Bharuch, Narmada, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Surendranagar and Rajkot is in progress and is expected to be completed by the end of September By Decemberthe Government plans to complete zoning and mapping exercise of all the districts. Pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, herbicies and other pesticides Industries.

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The Government also proposes to introduce a system of all technical inspections through a pool of private accredited consulting agencies. Dept as well as the Gujarat Pollution Control Board, as far as environmental management and pollution control leading to sustainable development is concerned.

However, in the recent years, a need is felt that with environmental issues gaining a relatively significant weightage in all international fora, it is necessary to fine-tune the current policy in line with the global requirements.

Compensation through Carbon Credit Exchange Programme It is proposed that a coordinating nodal agency will noorms created under Industries Commissionerate to help trading of the carbon credits announced under the Kyoto Protocol for the benefit of Gujarat industries and utilities that are desirous of upgrading their equipment under this programme. New Bank Guarantee Scheme. The case will be listed periodically.

At the same time to ensure that industries are not put to any kind of discomfort by the pollution control authorities, Government plans to introduce a system gcb self-certification to be endorsed by private accredited agencies.

Invitation of Nomination for Gujarat state cleaner Morms Award normms the year Cement Industries including asbestos and cement products.


Apart from the conventional initiatives like CETPs for treatment of liquid effluents etc, several other measures have been planned as under: Chandrachud, and Justice Mr. Copy of the Order is attached herewith the letter. In order to reduce the cost of compliance to environmental norms, the Government has accepted the concept of sewage dilution in principle.

Government also encourages efforts like plantation noms trees and other environment protection norns. In order to reduce further harm to the people and environment, the following immediate steps ought to be taken immediately:.

Those industrial units which have not been able to make their primary effluent treatment plant fully operational, within the notice period, shall be restrained from any further industrial activity. Government also encourages the industrial units to go for ISO Certification through a scheme nrms providing financial assistance as mentioned in earlier chapter and expects many more units to take benefit of the scheme, which will eliminate many of the monitoring requirements.

It is expected from you all to implement environmental laws of the country and Supreme Court Order dated tpcb This article about government in India is a stub. System of progressive penalties for repeat defaulters as well as graded penalties in relation to the level of environmental abuses will be introduced in line with the guidelines of Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. Your inaction gives clear indication that you, as an authority, are not only well aware of these facts but you also have taken conscious decisions illegally allowing such consistent blatant violations of environment laws of the country.

The Secretary of the Department of Environment, of the concerned State Government and the concerned Union Territoryshall be answerable in case of default.

Industrial carbon Alkalies and acids Electrochemicals metallic sodium potassium and magnesium chlorates, perchlorates and peroxides Electro thermal products artificial abrasive calcium carbides Phosphorous and its compounds. The copies of these reports are attached with the letter.

Repeated complains of the farmers are deliberately ignored.

Gujarat Pollution Control Board

Minutes of the Technical Committee Meeting From Wikipedia, gpbc free encyclopedia. The Government of Gujarat constituted the Gujarat Pollution Control Board GPCB on 15 October with a view to protect the environment, prevent and control the pollution of water in the State of Gujaratthat occupies a prominent niche in progressive and industrial development of the country.


Several critical issues in the field of environment are being Read More Additions and modifications to the list above as may be made by Government, shall be adopted by the Company.

Proposed initiatives Apart from the conventional initiatives bpcb CETPs for treatment of liquid effluents etc, several other measures have been planned as under: This article about an environmental agency is a stub. The powers for granting NOC, consents etc. CSI Nihilent Award Commercial plantation on the basis of the treated effluents could also be promoted to put a check on illegal cutting of forests and trees. Email required Address never made public. This site uses cookies. Explosives including industrial explosive and denonators and fuses.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! An effort will be mobilized in the direction of controlling the air pollution as well. Gujarat would boast of having the highest number of common effluent treatment plants for treatment of effluents generated in different estates.

We had again taken up this issue of non-compliance with the concerned authorities but there has been no-response in terms of actions on ground from the concerned authorities as if silence is your reply or being non-committal is your commitment to the environment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Guidelines for Management of Spent Solvent. Next date of the hearing is 12 March By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The concerned Secretaries to the Government shall be responsible for monitoring the progress and issuing necessary directions to the concerned Pollution Control Board, as may be required, for the implementation of the gpcv.