Read The Forgotten Soldier book reviews & author details and more at Amazon. in. In “The Forgotten Soldier” Guy Sajer tries to unravel this mystifying state. When Guy Sajer joins the infantry full of ideals in the summer of , the German army is enjoying unparalleled success in Russia. However. The Forgotten Soldier: Fiction or Fact? Edwin L. Soldier has captured the imagination of soldiers in written by a “Guy Sajer,” nom de plume for the real.

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Nov 03, 4triplezed rated it really liked it Shelves: The Crossing by Michael Connelly. He fought back and forth across the Eastern Front for the last several years vuy was by the end of the way a veteran of more fighting than most people see in a 30 year career though he was not yet 19 years old.

The Forgotten Soldier

He offers insights into the human condition which, unfortunately, may not have surfaced outside of wartime circumstances. The author lived it and he does a very good job of reliving it for you through his writing.

Sajer beautifully renders his story with the wisdom of his age and through the eyes of a young man faced with inhumane devastation. For anyone seeking the prespective of a common German soldier, this book is an invaluable work. This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat His previous books include the bestselling Rebels and Redcoats, written in conjunction with Richard Holmes. After research i will say there is just so much evidence pointing to Sajer being authentic and so little evidence pointing to him being a fraud that I will conclude that 10 STARS!

Ice-Cold in Alex Details.

I was curious about what happened to Guy Sajer solduer the war–and it turns out that, interestingly, he became a very prolific cartoonist. The book’s dedication is made on page I was shivering as I read this account. This is the story of a 16 year forgorten soldier who was drafted into the German army as the war dragged on and they needed more men for the grinder. At the end of the day most soldiers are more or less soldjer same.


The author was a teenager who enlisted in the German army inand following basic training, was sent to the Eastern front as a truck driver. No wonder the author is dissociative! It is a book about a young boy growing into manhood through a time of total war and how it affected him. A real soldier, a special ops guy guuy the school house REMF to task at the link below. Yet, pain is internat ” A unique hardhitting memoir of War on the Eastern front.

Lastly, what of the prose? View all 3 comments.

The Forgotten Soldier, by Guy Sajer. Sajer does a fantastic job of getting across the bonds between him and his comrades. Sajer did a fine job in describing, the situation and psychology of a foot soldier, respect and value of enemy, Morality of a losing infantry, Hate for partisans, Agony of dying comrades, Worries of families, Benevolence of seniors, Difficulty of weather, Hardship of immobility, Frustration of illness and much more.

Ah, will just say that even with my 27 years in the Air Force and I cannot tell you today which side my unit patch went on. There is a constant sense of fear that pervades everywhere. Feb 19, Mark rated it it was amazing Shelves: Or boy, since Sajer was 17 when he was drafted in. The War Walk Details. The Road To Berlin Details.

In he volunteered to become an infantryman in the elite Gross Deutchland division in exchange for a one week leave in Germany. The cast of colourful characters includes an American who devised plunging boats to attack the British, then switched sides and tried to help the Royal Navy defeat Napoleon; a former monk who created submersible boats to assist the cause of Irish liberation; and a spy who, during the American Civil War, hid Confederate submarine secrets in her bonnet.

His vivid descriptions of the Russian landscape, combat against the Bolsheviks, the bombings of cities in Germany and their aftermath, are amazing. This i Amazing, shocking, and unforgettable. He’s utterly convinced that he’s a coward, but his teenage naivite rubs off quickly. But, if a reader wants to know what it was like to be a Russian Front soldier, to be afraid, to fight alongside a band of brothers, then Sajer’s is still one of the finest accounts and deserves to remain on professional military reading lists.


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They fear the Russians. It brings to life the madness of war, its sheer senselessness and the legacy of those who lived through it.

As the dread swelled, the man endured. Trying doing it in temps and plowing through six feet of snow.

The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer

The genre has grown quite a bit since then. I recommend this to anyone thr wants to know how bad it can get and how privileged we are in and I dare you to put this book down. Acts of War Details. Very moving, thoughtful and intellegent, and very very sad.

Sajer returned to the Eastern Front and his life became a constant fkrgotten to survive firgotten elements,the lack of food and supplies, and the relentless advances of the Red Army. Sajer is in the German army and spends a good deal of time on the eastern front. In an investigation literally in the footsteps of the patrol, Michael Asher tells the true story. The desperation and constant battering of missions that never end is relatable in a lesser scale of coursewhile trying to sustain anything close to an individual personality in land of pure horrid.

His story spans his journey from Germany to Poland for training eajer the transportation Corps and then to the east in the winter of ’42 to resupply the German Army at the Don river. This was the war at sea as it really was.

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