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Younger farmers are more physically able, obviously, and they also kilimi to be more adaptable to new ideas and technology. And, I think, younger farmers have more of a social need that drives them to interact with, share ideas with and offer support to fellow farmers—something so often lacking in a rural lifestyle.


Where You Come In. Whether you identify as a young farmer, an old farmer or someone in between, you can help support the next generation of farmers coming along.

Nearly one-fifth of farms—large and small—are operated by farmers over the age of Land trusts are courting older land owners, cooperative extensions are educating farmers about succession and estate planning, and state farming groups are trying to do their part to keep this land in ag use.

And if you want to see it remain farmland, generations of eaters to come will thank you. One of the largest barriers to young people wanting to get into farming is lack of access to land.

Get to know other farmers in your area so you can share resources and knowledge and pool your purchases for better buying power. Get to know young people, too, and bring them into the farming fold to—potentially—spark an interest in farming, either as profession or hobby.


During the winter, she travels to warm climates to learn about farming in other parts of the world. Follow her on Instagram: Send post to fe address, comma separated for multiple emails.

Sabanci University Research Database

Where You Come In Whether you identify as a young farmer, an old farmer or someone in between, you can help support the next generation of farmers coming along.

The time to act is now! The year will be here before we know it. Leave a comment Cancel reply Name Email Website.

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