Download Libreta Topográfica – Nivelación Geometrica Gratis APK Latest Version Free for Android. Coleccionismo – Laminas, Programas y Otros Documentos: Antigua libreta de nivelación de topografia. Compra, venta y subastas de Laminas, Programas y. Cargado por Claudia Elizabeth Ramirez. modelo de llenado de la libreta topografica. Guardar. Libreta Topografica (Nivelación, Triangulación). para más tarde.

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Puentes de concreto armado 1.

Solves 2D isostatic and hyperstatic portal structures. It computes the reactions, shear, bending moment, slope, and deflection. The calculation is made using the method of linear and nonlinear equations. This program is for matrix structural analysis civil engineering with 2D structures. It serves to calculate the local and global Rigidity of a structure. Some documentation about commercial air transport and airplane design. For an irregular polygon, this program takes a matrix from the stack and calculates the centroid, area, second moments of area, radii of gyration, principal moments of area, principal axes, and provides a graphical outline of the section indicating the origin and centroid.

Calculates the security factor for slope of a figure with respect to a point, with a tension fracture filled with water or something like that. Program for the calculation of channels. Program used to calculate the steel area in a beam, subjected to flexion, by means of the rough calculation method. Program that calculates beams and porches by the method of “Pendiente Desviacion”.

With this program you will be able to easily calculate structures with the methods Matricial and Cross with the 49G. Calculates losses in pipes.



Use nievlacion help file to know the meaning of each number in the principal library. Calculates the “necklace” or covered reinforcement for connections in steel pipes. It will also show how it calculated the answers.

Helps with designing hydraulic dams, including discharge rate, and more. Calculates and plots the “cutting flow”? Radios de France les meilleures stations en direct Apk v. Calculates constants for rocky masses.

Also solves compound clotoides spiral-spiral and spiral-circular-spiral by the same methods.

Complete and detailed library that calculates every component of a wasted water treatment station. Contains some useful information about soil mechanics. Very useful for solving any type of walls. Rigid structural analysis program for beams. It determines the amount of necessary vertical and horizontal armor.

Bj’poligonal is a topography program to calculate and make adjustments on a closed polygon external or internal angles only. Compatible with all 49 models. It also calculates total force and point of application.

The program is a compendium topogrfica formulas, to make it easy to make complex calculations as well as iterations for the flow calculation. The calculation is made using the method of “adimentionals” equations, verifies if the section requires compression armor and determines the amount of armor to traction and compression. Written in User RPL. This program solves structures problems. Topografoca has been made specifically for industrial engineering at the University Miguel Hernandez.

Calculates inertias of rigid solids like spheres, hemispheres, cones, thin plates, and more. Angular input and output is in degrees minutes seconds. This program designs rectangular sections and T, EHE Creo tu App Android: Asks you for the coordinates east and north of a point, and the distance and azimuth to each other, and it calculates the coordinates of the other point. Generates a graph of the result, showing loss versus volume at each point.


This program calculates all geometric characteristics of complex sections center of gravity, moment of inertia, coefficients of resistance and much more.

Grupo Acre Panamá

Structural Engineering Tools 1. This program is a adaptation for FEM49 to use symbolic inertias and elasticity modulate. Radio en linea del mundo Apk v.

Google Play services Apk Comprehensive surveying application, with coordinates, curves, intersection, triangulation, area calculation, circle location, atmospheric pressure, and much more. Registro de Pozos Petroleros 1.

ACRE PANAMÁ | Venta, asesoría técnica y comercial en topografía

Solves vertical curve lengths concave and convexsynthetic vertical curves both concave and convex, by the direct and order methodsand asymmetric vertical curves both concave and convex, by the topogrrafica method. Checks and calculates the internal buckling of an I metallic section. Calculates solid and dry weight, porosity, and more for soil. Performs calculations on tools for network; could be useful for land surveyors.

It is similar to the previous version, nivelacionn now it gives the result in pictures, since there are several curves. Pothenot is a program for Topography II.