magic tricks forum – The Effect In this limited edition manuscript Luke Jermay details two routines that are designed to be performed in casual. I think 4/10 is extremely generous for the stuff in this ebook, to be honest – for £20, and considering how good Luke Jermay’s work has been in. In “Telling Tales” Luke Jermay details two dynamite psychological magic routines that are designed to be performed in casual settings. Jermay.

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Sep 1, Messages: These effects are designed to be performed in coffee shops, restaurants, offices and homes rather than the formal performance areas of the stage or parlor.

Jermay details his personal feelings on how to use these effects to their maximum potential as well talws providing all the jermwy you will need to perform them. These are 2 reputaion making routines! Board index All times are UTC. As the story is repeated to others the effect will grown and grow. Privacy Policy About Magicpedia Disclaimers. Jermay has become a name top performers rely on for fresh, compelling and modern demonstrations for sophisticated audiences.

These effects are designed to be performed in coffee shops, restaurants, offices and homes rather than the formal performance areas of the stage or parlor. Sitting at a restaurant, the magician and his friend wait for their check. Jan 2, Interaction Help Create an article View as mindmap. Some people may argue that they aren’t worth it, but I personally feel they should have been priced higher. It is great for sparking the creative side of the professional mentalist, into finding ways to build oneself a reputation, and gain publicity; ie.


Unlike the previous Jermay releases these routines are not designed for formal stage performance but rather casual performance to impress potential clients, agents, newspaper reporters, radio personalities and your friends. Two effects, and an entry on the magician Jimmy Grippo are given to assist with this.

Luke Jermay

Big Spender can be performed anywhere and at anytime. These routines are jermy intended to be used during a formal performance. Subscribe to the RSS feed to get up to the minute information on new magic.

By the way, how long did it take for any of you to recieve your email with the attached manuscript? A separate method for method one a sub-method? A truly impossible Rain Man-style feat that is sure to be remembered for a ,uke long time. The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words.

Notice his wonder words of, “just take it.

This routine can be performer anywhere uermay at anytime. Personally, I love this to bits and I cannot wait to try it next time I pay for lunch somewhere with a friend.

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Telling Tales-Luke jermay-Limited edition release- rare | #

The second routine in which the performer seemingly remembers all the results for any single word in the English language searched on Google. Easier to do, less hassle, and depending on what book test method you use, potentially no pre-show work. Please leave your email after payment. Review Telling Tales is hermay manuscript concerned with reputation talse for the performer. This is poorly written and contains many spelling errors that initially give you a bad impression.

VERY clever thinking, and I will review each effect below: This effect is something I will never use…ever.

Difficulty TalkMagic basic review template Method one: Essentially, you will need to have easy access to a computer or laptop, and since I have my laptop everywhere with me, I can do this. No pre-show work is needed. Big Spender is also really good, but I only perform it occassionally for obvious reasons to the owners.